Frey and Feather Falls Adventure Week

Posted by Pam and Matt Foster on

What a beautiful week, so after finishing work in the City, we headed to an area we had not yet explored in Butte County, California.  We headed for Feather Falls area.  Weather was perfect, woke up to 28 degrees F, but it warmed nicely and after we got out on the trail it was perfect spring hiking weather.  We took the upper trail, which is just a bit over 5 miles (only 0.2 miles - hehe) and came to the incredible Feather Falls.  There was nothing short of incredible beauty along the trail though, Frey River and her Falls are amazing as well, and this time of year were pumping and giving us so many photo ops...

The overlook is worth the trek.  It's a long hike in but there are benches around and a perfect napping platform to rest up on before heading back.

Our advice though, stay off the LOWER TRAIL, unless you are looking for an extra workout.  The distance is shorter by nearly 1.5 miles, but the trail is not maintained, washed out in many places and difficult to walk, and the steep terrain makes it a hard trail to work back to the trailhead.  If you really want to see the lower trail, we would suggest starting out on the LOWER TRAIL, do the downhill run and gradual uphill, and take the UPPER TRAIL back to the trailhead.  It will still give you a workout, but will be much more enjoyable.  

We hope you enjoyed our little video, it's only a small glimpse, but maybe you'll get a chance to check out the area for yourself. 

Until the next Adventure...


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