Some Fishing Stories Are Worth Repeating

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I suppose when you tell a story about your own big fish, you should always follow up with a story about your Husband's fish. 😁

After fishing the Lochsa, and catching some amazing Browns, a few Rainbows and several Cutthroat (of course, we are catch and release fishing), we had to head back toward our home state.

Back in California, I surprised Matt with a river rafting trip for his birthday, then onto our favorite camping site for a few days.  Matt had a new pole to try out and he was so excited.  He had been fishing the Little Walker for now several decades (shhhhh, every since he was a little boy).  But this trip was just about to become UNFORGETTABLE!

In all the years fishing here, neither one of us had headed "up stream" from our base camp, we had always fished down stream.  It's just the way it was, we never questioned, we just fished and always had a great time.  We had hiked and backpacked up stream, and far into the canyon beyond, but old habits kept us wetting our lines down stream every visit.

Today, we said what the hell and headed Up the Stream...Picture This - it's late August, summer has been dry, the aspens are crinkly and the willows are saggy, the Little Walker River is more like Little Walker Dribble in some places.  

We we packed our lunch, fished and walked, and walked and fished, and BEHOLD, we found a nice little pool, probably no larger than 10 feet in diameter and about 18 inches deep.  we were sure there must be at least one little holdover in here.

And...having learned my lesson on the Lochsa, I graciously bowed out and told Matt "no, you go ahead and cast, you need to break in that new rod anyway"; or maybe it went something more like this from Matt "I'm gonna try this pool, or do you want to?" to which I replied "nah, I'm good, I'll just shoot some footage while you cast."

AND FOOTAGE I GOT - 3-1/2 minutes of wresting this INCREDIBLE, BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS SPECIMEN - a few noteworthy photos as well, and then back to the pool he went, to remain KING OF HIS DOMAIN - LONG LIVE BULLDOZER (that's his nickname)!  

Maybe I'll put the video up truly was amazing to watch this monster of the river.  We hope to meet Bulldozer again this year!  Wait for us, Big Guy!!!

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