The Story of Our "Here, Fishy, Fishy" Collection

Posted by Pam and Matt Foster on

I hope you're having a great Saturday.  I'm currently writing this blog post while riding in my ambulance (I'm a Paramedic) and waiting for my next emergency call out - drenched to the bone due to the rainy season we are having out here in my little corner of the world.  But, I understand almost everyone is getting dumped on, either rain or snow across the Country today, so I can't complain.  

Well, I'm complaining just a little...if I'm going to be this drenched, it should at least involve a good FISHING STORY, a nice Campfire at the end of the day, and a really, really long ROAD TRIP!  

So, I have been reminiscing about a trip we recently took, several weeks on the road (I’m a nomad at heart).  One of my favorite weeks was in the Selway-Bitterroot National Forest areas, hiking and fishing the rivers and creeks. On the last day before we hit civilization again, briefly, before heading to Lolo and Missoula, MT, we stopped for one last day of fishing on the Lochsa River...

Yes, I'm always several yards (ok, 100s of yards) downstream or upstream of my husband because I am short and can't step across those giant boulders as fast as he can. 

With that said, PICTURE THIS - Matt says "Here Pammy, you can fish this hole and I'll go up here" and saved me this beautiful bend to cast on...

So, you see my problem, when your husband says "you can fish here", YOU SHOULD NEVER, EVER CATCH THE BIGGEST FISH OF THE DAY!!!

But, if you do, you can always make up for it by getting him a really cool Fishing Decal for his truck, the RV, or anywhere you'll want to remind him how great that fish really was!

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