Why are We Posting #60SecondAmericanRoadTrip Videos

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Have you been following our Instagram Account or Facebook Page lately?  You've probably noticed we have added some additional content for you.  We have tagged it as #60SecondAmericanRoadTrip.  Why are we posting these, you ask?

Well, here's the long and short of it.  WE LOVE ROAD TRIPs...they take us to the best places, and we are always seeking out new roads and trails to get us to places we have never been, or to return to places we love.  But, we also know that some of our fans might not have the opportunity that we do to travel frequently and to explore the places they might be dreaming of.

Enter the #60SecondAmericanRoadTrip.  I am a fanatical photographer...snapping pics constantly, so much so that I run out of space on my SD cards, and end up with thousands of photos to go through.  A few weeks ago, I decided to switch it up and try some video...and there it is...I love the video feature on my camera now. 

I do know, however, that with a busy life, our fans might not have the time to watch lengthy videos of our excursions.  So, I thought a SNIPPET video of our travels featuring our Back Roads America travels, places most people rarely venture to travel through, might just be perfect for your short coffee break, a time to stretch and step away from the desk, share with your kids before they get bored and run off to play... 😀

We have been back on our tiny ranch in Northern California for a couple of weeks now, but will be traveling for a few days this week - FINALLY.  It seems like we've been valley-bound for AGES!  Back to the Mountains, time for some more Back Roads and then on to some serious HIKING this week!  We are really excited and will be posting some pics and videos when we get back to cell range early next week.

So, Until the Next Adventure...check out the links to some of our recent #60SecondAmericanRoadTrip videos on our YouTube Channel:

NV Hwy 844

Oregon NF 47

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